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Medical Coding Services

Error-free medical coding is a critical process.

Medical Billing Process

Writing off outstanding receivables

Revenue Cycle Management Services

The skill to provide these services has come with years of hands on experience and dealing with government and commercial payers on a daily basis.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers Medical Billing Services

Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) play a vital role in providing same day surgical care

Best In The Industry

From electronic health records, billing services and practice management tools Fibcodex has you covered! In addition to being an industry leader when it comes to pricing, we also provide personalized support for every client.

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About Us

Fibcodex is a proud Maine-based company that offers revenue cycle management services to physicians & medical billing companies across the U.S.


Our goal is to help them manage their business in a way where they can focus on patient care and operations, not paperwork! By providing great services at reduced costs. As a medical billing outsourcing company, we have helped our clients grow their business by providing them with the resources they need to succeed while maintaining a competitive edge in today’s industry.

  • We Deliver What We Promise.
  • Our mission at Fibcodex is to be a trusted and valued healthcare partner offering advanced revenue cycle management services with dedication and integrity.
  • Our vision is to grow a loyal customer base and sustain superior performance that comes from engaged employees who are highly energized and passionate about our mission.


Fibcodex proudly supports physicians, medical groups, and medical billing companies with medical billing and coding services across the U.S. Following are revenue cycle management services we offer.

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Communicating with insurance carriers on your behalf, keeping you compliant while saving you time and money.

Patient Demographics Entry

Our scrubbing tools help automate and ensure accurate patient information.

Coding – ICD 10

Our coders are AAPC certified and are specialists in their role. The results are faster and accurate reimbursements.

Claims Submission

Streamlining the management of insurance claims and maximizing revenue.

Payment Posting

Identifying issues such as denials for medical necessities, non-covered services, and reveal prior authorizations.

Patient Statements & Follow Up

Handling patient statements and follow ups to ensure accurate claim processing.

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With a team of experts who have worked with physicians and medical groups for years, Fibcodex understands how to navigate today’s complex healthcare revenue environment. Contact us today to start a conversation on how we can best be of service to you.

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